Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Frontier Spirit...

It's time to fire up that ol' Frontier Spirit again.

Change is afoot.

The Climate of America is changing, not just Global Warming and Sea Level Rise, but also the Climate of the Court, the Political Climate, and the Business Climate, all are undergoing major upheaval.

It's a scary time, but we can adapt to these changes, and progress through them, we're Americans, brave citizens of The United States of America, The New World.

Do you think our ancestors, no matter where they came from, would have sat and fretted about the changes happening around them, doing nothing, while staring into their screens and whining amongst themselves?

I think not.

Those people crossed oceans and traversed this continent from sea to shining sea in search of Freedom and Opportunity.

Which brings is back to Shoreline Earth.

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